David Alan Earnest
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Catching the Cuttyrainbrown
Cello Quintet - I (Live)
Cello Quintet - II (Live)

1-10-16 I've finished writing a 4 minute film cue for Hank Patterson's "The Mystery of the Cuttyrainbrown". Replaced temp music used from A River Runs Through It. Movie premieres in Helena 1/15, Missoula 1/16, Boise on the 1/30. Video is also on this site under "Videos". Also been busy with audio production/post jobs.

I do audio production, compose for concert performance, and score to picture. Please visit my Dave Earnest Audio business site: daveearnestaudio.com

I also paint in oils. Heres my art site: daveearnestart.weebly.com